NAME: Shen Mizuta aka "Crash", age: 17, hometown: Sasabo, Japan Edit

BIO: Shen was a reckless, yet positive thinker. He loved his family over everything else. Shen was spontaneous and unpredictable, due to his lack of common sense and ADHD. Although he may seem careless, he is very book smart. He always did good in school ,but he could never stay awake. Shen likes to stay up late nights and sleep during the day. He's a little lazy at times but he'll always get the job done.

When he was 12 he father died of a terrible illness. No one knew what it was but doctors said it was inconceivably severe. Turns out it was caused by a long-term effect of a villains quirk. Shen devoted his time on training himself to become an outstanding hero who will bring his fathers murderer to justice.

QUIRK: Hydraulics - Shen has hydraulic mechanisms in his arms and legs, allowing him to pump powerful blows through his limbs. It used to take Shen 6 seconds to fully contract his hydraulics, but because of his training, he reduced that time to 4 seconds. If Shen fully contract his hydraulics then it would take him about 10 seconds to recharge.


Light Contraction: Shen contracts his hydraulics lightly giving him a slight boost in power.

Medium Contraction: Shen contracts his hydraulics by 2/3 giving him a strong boost in power.

Full Contraction: Shen fully contracts his hydraulics giving him enough power to send a car flying.

Jackhammer Punch: Shen repeatedly pumps his hydraulics while punching a target.

Special move: Piston Crash - Shen fully contracts the hydraulics in both of his legs, leaps at his target while contracting the hydraulics in his arms, and strikes at his target with both arms released at once.

WEAKNESSES: Shen cannot repeatedly pump his hydraulics for too long or else he'll get cramps in his muscles. If he fully contacts his hydraulics before letting his hydraulics cool down then he has a chance of possibly breaking his limbs and his hydraulics.



Strength: 5 (Q:4)- Shen always worked upper body and because of his quirk Shen is no stranger to brute force.

Speed: 1 (Q:2)- Shen never liked running and never really Trains his lower body.

Defense: 3 (Q:1)- Shen's mindset makes him believe that a good offense is a good defense.

Endurance: 4 (Q:2)- Because of his training Shen is used to punching hard materials

Quirk Mastery: 2 (Q:1)- Shen enjoys training his quirk and is working on making himself stronger everyday.