Ovenman, real name Sven Owens, is a teenager from the Netherlands trying to become a pro hero. He currently attends one of the European hero schools, the Crown's Academy for Superhuman Excellence.

He is one of the 32 contestants of the BNHA OCT5, selected by judge "Golden-Owl."


Sven is an average-sized man. He’s mostly fit, because he trained to be a hero, though he has a bit of chub. He’s an average-looking kinda-handsome white guy with dirty blonde hair and green eyes. His most interesting feature is, of course, his cast-iron oven stomach. It extends from his waist to his pectorals, and can be opened up to reveal the fire within. It’s got several racks for cooking baked goods and stuff on (don’t ask him about digestion—it just works.).


He’s a decent person, and he has a large fondness for baking confectioneries and the like. Acts like a country bum. When he's hero-ing, he tends to adopt a wrestling-esque persona, shouting things about "Ovenmania" and "Ovenmaniacs" and the like.

Quirks and Abilitiess and AbilitiesEdit

Quirk: OvenEdit

Oven is a mutation-type Quirk, and, as said above, takes the form of an old-style oven in place of his stomach. It allows him to produce heat up to 414 degrees Fahrenheit (at the moment), and he can maintain it for up to several hours (at 350). He can also shoot flame out of it, reaching up to a length of 40 yards. When not in-use, a pilot light is on constantly. If he gets mad, smoke shoots out of his ears. The ash he makes can gunk up his oven, so he cleans it regularly.


Flamethrower: Ovenman fires a jet of flame from his oven. He can maintain its propulsion for ten seconds, and it uses up calories. Range: Proportional, but maximum 17 yards. Charge time: instant. Cooldown: half a minute.
Hot Iron: Ovenman ignites his internal flame and heats up his stomach-oven door. He then grabs his target in a bear hug and burns them with the contact. Range: none. Charge time: one minute. Cooldown: However long it takes to cool down a hot iron.
Burning Press: Ovenman body-slams his opponent while on Hot Iron. His flame shoots out of the grates on his stomach, turning him into a flaming meteor. Range: melee. Charge time: one minute. Cooldown: same as Hot Iron.
Corner bakery: Ovenman bakes a variety of desserts in his oven. They’re really tasty! Range: none. Charge time: 40-50 minutes at 350 F. Cooldown: one trip to the supermarket to buy new ingredients.


If his pilot light is put out, he gets nauseous.
If he uses too much flame, he gets a stomachache.
His stomach is metal. Magnets aren’t fun.
Oily foods cause indigestion.
Fighting Style: Quirk-based. He did learn some wrestling to compensate.