Mimma Raes is a UA student and a participant in the 4th OC Tournament, she left the tournament after the 2nd round

Appearance Edit

Mimma is a voluptuous woman with green skin and long orange hair. Her original image has a picture of Mineta with heart-eyes and a bloody nose giving a thumbs up.

Personality Edit

Not much is known about her personality other than that she is popular with young men. The creator has also stated she has a thing for small guys and the color purple.

Quirk and Abilities Edit

Quirk Edit

Power Knockers: Mimma’s quirk allows her to pop her breasts off her body (separately). The edges of the breast around the pop-off point are extremely sharp. The front of the breast is rock hard, but, they have a hollow section on the inside that is soft and allows her to grip handle them. The breasts are extremely heavy and caused her large amounts of back pain in her youth but she has since adjusted. They weigh about 8KG each. They have a variety of uses and naturally home in on her when they aren’t touching her, allowing her to have multiple combat and rescue uses. However, as they are very heavy and cause her large amount of back pain in her day to day life.

Techniques Edit

Booberang: She can throw a breast in an arc formation like a Boomerang that can seriously harm and opponent and it will naturally arc round back to her even after hitting an opponent. She can throw it along it softer edge to allow casualties or rescues to grab onto it and be magnetised back to her.

The Breast Defence, is a Good Offence: She can use them in close-combat situations as heavy boxing gloves to make impacts that little bit more nippy.

Triple E(dge): She can use the sharp edges of the breasts to cut into walls and can use them to climb up flat surfaces by stabbing them into the wall and climbing one part at a time.

Smother: By holding her breasts up in front of her with the hard side pointing away, they form a great shield for offensive attackers.

Bowling Bosom Strike (SIGNATURE MOVE!): By rolling a breast like a bowling ball at top speed, they can travel fast enough into the legs of an opponent to knock them over. This can be used great in crowd situations to knock over multiple opponents into eachother for a 10 PIN STRIKE.

Trivia Edit

  • The judges fought over who got to pick her because she made them die from laughter.
  • Her name is an anagram of mammaries
  • All of her abilities have breast puns
  • I had a hard time writing this because I'm laughing so hard