Lorenzo Blanc is one of the 32 contestants in the BNHA OCT5, chosen by judge "Orange Card."

Bio: Edit

Lorenzo is the only child to have developed a quirk in the respectable upperclass Blanc family, and thus extensive effort has been put into paying for his tutelage and training. Lorenzo himself finds herowork to be tiresome busy-body work, and simply wishes to live the high life of fine dining and manners the rest of his family does. Regardless, he accepts the importance of heroes to society, and is reluctantly climbing the ladder many before have. Likes: Expensive meals, reading, smoking Dislikes: General rudeness, filth

Appearance: Edit

Lorenzo is a slender 6 feet tall, the short black hair at the top of his head neatened and slicked to the side, and a small patch of stubble present on his chin. His eyes will often appear bored and glazed over, his thoughts elsewhere from hero work.

Quirk: Edit

Lorenzo solidifies air particles into tools by acting out holding the item, like a mime. These items pack a punch, but are actually hollow containers of air, opaque like a sturdier glass. They cast no shadow.

Weakness: Edit

Only one mime construct at a time can be made, and it must remain connected to Lorenzo (i.e. if he makes a bat it can't leave his grasp, if he builds a wall he must hold it in place, if he fires a gun projectiles are still tethered to the gun). Constructs have the density of strong wood (>Strength 5 can damage them), and when broken release trapped air with the strength of a strong breeze. Holding together a construct already losing air for too long can lead to a hallucinatory state, in which he is unclear what is physically present or not.

Usage: Edit

(Range, Charge Time, Cool Down) Ranged Weaponry: Lorenzo acts out holding a ranged weapon, can range from handguns to bows, and is able to fire tethered projectiles to a close range. (Takes about 8 seconds to fully prime, can fire up to about 15 feet) Melee Weapons: The same but with weapons for close combat, harder to maintain as requires physical exertion. (4 seconds to create) Grapple: Lorenzo mimes using a length of rope/fishing rod/similar item to seize objects or people. (10 seconds to prepare, range of 20 feet) Protective Walling: Lorenzo acts out holding up a solid wall which can be up to 8 feet by 8 feet. (10 seconds preparation, forces Lorenzo to be static to hold up, currently cannot be held for more than 30 seconds)

Fighting Style: Edit

While mostly utilizing his quirk for combat, if caught before he can construct anything Lorenzo may be stuck using hand to hand combat.

Stats: Edit

Stat Base Points Quirk Points
Strength 2 2
Speed 3 2
Defense 3 0
Endurance 2 3
Quirk Mastery 5 3