John Wilcox is one of the 32 contestants in the BNHA OCT5, selected by the judge "Reycom."

Bio: Edit

John Wilcox never knew his parents but his earliest memories are him alone in the sewer just trying to survive. His only source of entertainment was the TV's out of the electronics shops. All he saw was time and time again people saving lives. He always dreamed he could do that. He would go around town looking for people to fight to get stronger to be the best.

Quirk: Edit

His quirk works as an extra layer of skin made of scales except they move around his body under his control. While he only has enough scales to cover his body with no overlap. They can rearrange to thicken up where he is being attacked which leaves other spots open.

Weakness: Edit

While The Reptilian Knight is tough he is not very fast. He also leaves his back open for attacks and if you can get behind him he will struggle to stop you. He also really struggles at range and would much rather use Hand to hand combat.

Techniques: Edit

Ability 1: Scale Shield- While using this he lock his scales together on his arm and uses it to block punches and projectiles sent his way. He can do this almost instantly because of his time spent on his quirk

Ability 2: Scale Punch- Doubling the layers of his scales on his fists they become as hard as concrete. These punches pack a lot of force so beware.

Ability 3: Scale sword- He creates a sword like weapon which is sharp as a blade out of his scales this can be used in combination with the shield but it uses all of the scales on his back.

Ability 4: Clanging scales- He can switch his scales around at such a speed they make very loud noises while they move. He hears these noises like everyone else but has started to get use to them.

Stats: Edit

Stat Base Points Quirk Points
Strength 4 1
Speed 1 2
Defense 3 5
Endurance 3 1
Quirk Mastery 4 1