Ika Inku, or as she is better known, Inky, is one of the 32 contestants in the 5th BNHA OC tournament, selected by judge "Orange Card." In the BNHAOCT canon she attends UA highschool to try and become a pro hero.

Appearance Edit

Ika is a short Japanese girl with yellow eyes. She often wears a light blue squid-shaped hat over her shoulder length brown hair. When she isn't wearing her UA uniform she can be seen wearing a light orange sweater and green skirt.

Personality Edit

While Ika is very shy, she is very kind to those she is friends with. She has terrible stage fright and (In the words of our most based mod, Orange Card) is a hopeless romantic.

Quirk and Abilities Edit

Quirk Edit

Squid Ink: The food Ika digests gets turned into a slippery ink that she can spit or slowly secrete from her pores. She can shoot her ink up to 4 meters. Ika also has a venom gland that can inject venom upon biting, the venom is not lethal.

Techniques Edit

Ink Skating: Ika can slide around on her ink like ice skating.

Cover Cloud: Ika sprays ink into the enemy’s eyes to blind them.

Ink Changing: Depending on her diet, Ika can change the slipperiness/stickiness, color, and consistency of her ink.

Slip Away: By coating her body in ink, she can easily slip from someone’s grasp.

Venomous Bite: Ika can inject non-lethal venom into her enemy's body that paralyses them for a short period of time depending on how much venom was injected, 1 hour max.

Weakness Edit

Because Ika’s ink is dependent on her diet, she is locked into one ‘form’ for about an entire day. For example if she makes her ink sticky, then she can’t skate on it her ink for an entire day. It’s also very slow to secrete the ink through her pores, making her slip away move very slow.

Stats Edit

Strength: 3(1)-Average strength, but the momentum she gains from skating makes her able to slightly increase her power

Speed: 3(5)-Average speed, but her ink skating can speed her up a lot

Defense: 3(1)-again average, but because of her escape cloud she can save herself and others from harm

Endurance: 2(0)-below average because of her small frame. Because her digested food is turned into ink she doesn’t need to use the bathroom and can once again use her escape cloud to preserve herself

Quirk Mastery: 4(3)-Ika can use her power adeptly in a fight. She also knows how to use her quirk in many practical ways outside of fighting (ex. Using her ink as paint or glue)

Relationships Edit

Her best friend is another UA student named Taiyo (who will be registered when tournament 6 rolls around) who she grew up with.

Tsukamu Nuru Edit

She is a member of SQUID SQUAD along with Nuru

Trivia Edit

  • Ika's full name, Ika Inku, means squid ink in japanese.
  • Ika likes sushi and the ocean.