Gerardo W. Lochway is one of the 32 contestants for the BNHA OCT5, chosen by judge "SlimeBoy - Arceus."

Bio: Edit

The merchant is able to switch 2 different objects, including himself, as long as he has touched them within the last 5 minutes. When he's switching himself with an object or switching an object with another object, He is able to switch both the location and the momentum of the 2 objects. Merchant's "tag" needs to be consciously activated

Techniques: Edit

Barter: Merchant throws/dispatches tagged relatively small objects (Coins, Rings, Earrings, Shoes, etc.) to another location to escape, travel, and transport himself at exceptional speed. He can also use this technique while the object is moving to propel himself forward and perform extremely fast bodily attacks (punches, kicks, etc.).

The Trade: Merchant tags his opponent(s), and is able to switch their location with a previously tagged object, person, or himself.

Switcher: Merchant switches the locations of two individual tagged objects and performs a different and complicated task with this technique. (I.e. Throwing a coin at an opponent and immediately switching it with a large debris.)

Bi-Polar: By touching two person's head for 20 seconds, Merchant can switch their conscience temporarily for 30 minutes. By using this, the two persons can now freely control each other's body. After this, conscience will be returned to the victims. By doing this, Merchant loses all previous tags. Merchant cannot use this ability again until it expires. Merchant cannot use this ability on himself.

Weaknesses and Limitations: Edit

  • Merchant can only "lock on" to an object or a person for 5 minutes after tagging it. After the 5 minute mark, the tag expires, meaning Merchant can no longer perform ANY swaps with the objects.
  • Merchant can only tag objects between the weight of 0.5 grams to 250 pounds. Any weight switched heavier than 250 pounds will be added onto the Merchant's body for 10 minutes, effectively causing him fatigue and even death. (Meaning, if Merchant were to swap a plane or bus, this will likely kill him via internal organ bursting by the force applied to him.)
  • Merchant has a 3-second interval between every Object swaps. (Putting This Down just so he doesn't spam it.)
  • Within the five minute "tagged" mark, the merchant can only switch Object-to-Object repeatedly for 5 times, he can only switch Person-to-Object and Himself-to-Object for 4 repeated times, and he can only switch Person-to-Person and Himself-to-Person for 3 times. After he used those switches up, the Tag automatically expires.
  • Switching himself with a fast traveling object (I.e. A bullet traveling at terminal velocity.) would likely result in...well...death.

Stats: Edit

Stats Base Points Quirk Points
Strength 3 0
Speed 4 4
Defense 2 0
Endurance 2 0
Quirk Mastery 4 6